The opening went well - lots of people. A lot of people I didn't know. Lots of questions and some interest in buying. (We'll see about that.) Thank you Center on Halsted for showing my work! 

It was very interesting to see 14 of my paintings all hung together - I never get to experience them that way. The lighting is unforgiving, I need to be more careful with impasto and perhaps I should varnish them when they're finished. Lots to learn. 

I also started the critique class at SAIC last night. I need to learn to talk and write about my work better. It's time to apply to the Chicago Cultural Center! And I know my artspeak is weak. I brought this piece in - it's still a bit wet, I worked on it Sunday and Monday. I think it's going well - the light quality suggests an oncoming storm. Perhaps I need more darks. And! Big hand.