Pancakes and Booze Art Show!

I'll be showing at the Pancakes and Booze Art Show this year! Come by and have a pancake.

The little fly in the ointment is that they don't want pieces larger than 36".... which most of mine are. Wonder if I have time for a new one before February 24....

In The Works

Got sick last weekend and mostly worked on drawings for future paintings. But I did get this one drawn on the canvas. I hope to get a good start painting it this weekend. 


I had been unhappy with the lower portion of this painting, so I finally sanded that part down and repainted - new underpants and a new third hand. And I added the cigarette smoke. I feel it's much more successful now.

This weekend

Worked on two pieces this weekend - a new one with much smaller figures, which I don't really like painting. But I persevered and I think it's going OK. I still have the clown's face to finish.  The other is a commission, a portrait of mother and daughter. I have the composition and underpainting done. Will work on it more after it dries.

This guy is the little one. The canvas is 20 x 28"-ish.